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A wide array of services are available to assist with the development and commercialization of QVac Engineered systems.  
ZEROPOINT TECHTONIX Inc can deliver Lectures, Training and Consulting on a broad range of subjects within the various fields of Quantum Vacuum Engineering (QVE) and its many applications to new and existing industries. 

Quantum Vacuum engineering focuses on controlling the interaction between matter and the energetic vacuum in order to produce power systems that do not require a conventional fuel supply, low energy nuclear reactions, field-effect propulsion and exotic materials.  This work is invariably tied to the revolutionary Lattice Nested Hydreno atomic model.  Requests for speaking engagements or other services should be directed to our consulting office (contact info below).

Speaking Engagements:

¨     Compelling multimedia presentations are available dealing with the fundamental aspects of Quantum Vacuum Engineering and its dramatic implications for science and engineering based largely on the revolutionary Lattice Nested Hydreno atomic model. 

¨     Presentations dealing with the specific applications of QVE and the Hydreno atomic model are also available.  These applications include: new power sources such as permanent magnet motors; reactionless propulsion systems such as asymmetric high voltage capacitors; and low energy Nucleonics for radwaste treatment, etc.

Scientific & Technical Training:

¨     Training can be made available on more detailed aspects of quantum vacuum engineering tailored to specific applications within the scope of your industry.   A typical presentation might deal with the application of low energy induced nuclear reactions for production of radioisotopes.

¨     The fundamental principles of QVac engineered systems and the Hydreno atomic model can also be provided in a more detailed, industry focused manner to develop in-house expertise for application to your business processes.

Consulting Services:

¨     Consulting services are available on any topic related to Quantum Vacuum Engineering and its foundations in the Hydreno Atomic theory.  This might include consultation on the application of QVE to the materials and processes specific to your industry.   Fees are charged on an hourly basis depending on the application and resources.

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About The Author

     Mark Porringa is a professional engineer and  decorated  "veteran" of the Nuclear industry,  including 15 years at a major research reactor.
     Frustrated with the growing limitations of the indeterminate nature of  nuclear science and  engineering, he began a 10 year quest that culminated in the development of  a radically new atomic model.
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Services Licensing

The vast majority of this service work will be pursued under license agreements related to the revolutionary Hydreno atomic model and proprietary aspects of QVac Engineering.  Independent consulting and training firms are encourage to pursue such opportunities on their own initiative through simple royalty agreements.  Those who wish to capitalize on the Hydreno atomic model  and its vast applications in science, engineering and general commerce are invited to submit their proposals in writing to our licensing division.  

For further details on commercial services opportunities and submission of proposals please refer to our webpage on Licensing.  Industry standard royalties will apply for the use of various Trademarks and original Copyrighted material.     

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