Quantum Vacuum Engineering
(Engineering The Atom)

The extraordinary determinism of the Lattice Nested Hydreno atomic model in conjunction with the compelling evidence regarding fractional quantum states of Hydrogen (Hydrinos) indicates that the electron orbitals and valence configuration of the atom can be engineered to facilitate the production of fantastic materials with astounding attributes.  Atomic scale engineering is essentially the next logical step down from nanotechnology.  While nanotechnology deals with engineering small groups of atoms down to 10
E-9 m in size, Angstrotechnology deals with individual atoms or molecules at Angstrom (10E-10 m) and even smaller dimensions.  

Engineering of the atom remains in the embryonic stages of development due in part to the entrenched dogmas of the Bohr-Rutherford atomic model and the indeterminate nature of conventional Quantum mechanics.  However, companies such as BLACKPOWER Inc. under the direction of pioneers such as Dr. Randall Mills have recently developed means for producing condensed hydrogen atoms intended for energy production and application in superstrong exotic materials.  Many astounding developments can be expected as this work proceeds over the next  decade.

Principles of Atomic Scale Engineering:

According to Randall Mills the ground state electron orbital of hydrogen can be stimulated to release energy, dropping into a fractional quantum energy state, producing a condensed form of hydrogen.  These tiny hydrogen atoms can then be used to make compounds exhibiting extraordinary properties such as very high strength to weight ratios.  Engineering the valence state of other elements is also possible according to the Hydreno Atomic model, producing closely bound molecules that exhibit very different properties than the usual ground state molecule.  Implosion of diatomic oxygen can for instance result in a form of sulfur such that the two atoms of oxygen become so closely bound that they behave as a single atom of sulfur.  

Scalar wave interferometry can also be employed to directly alter the atomic structure or the Zero-point energy spectrum of local space, causing destabilizing effects on the targeted matter.  This may result in a wide variety of odd phenomenon including the weakening of atomic bonds such that plastic deformation of metals can occur at room temperature as exhibited by the Hutchison Effect.  On a more familiar front the properties of spider web silk are speculated to be a natural instance of modified valence states resulting in a super strong material.

Angstrotechnology Directory:

Here you will find a growing list of information and links to other sites that deal with engineering of the atom.  In the absence of active links simply use these various terms to conduct your own search.

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To assist in the development and application of the fledgling field of Angstrotechnology, a variety of consulting services can be made available.  Interested Investors are invited to inquire about possible participation.

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