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The proven reality of the Zero-Point Energy of the Quantum Vacuum in conjunction with the Hydreno atomic model clearly indicates that the flow of energy through any permanent magnet can be effectively utilized to provide continuous rotation of a motor with little, to no electrical power input.  The recent availability of economical rare earth magnets possessing very high field strengths and force capabilities have made this technology a practical alternative to other conventional forms of motive power. 

There are in fact several different permanent magnet and overunity electrical motor designs that have been reported and verified over the last few decades.  Permanent magnet motors are intended to replace electric motors and internal combustion engines in almost any conceivable application.  A massive retrofit to existing equipment and infrastructure can be anticipated, although resistance from the fossil fuelled economy will prove a major obstacle to widespread application in developed nations "hooked" on oil.   Deployment in poorer nations lacking conventional energy resources and capital will probably occur first.

Principles of Operation:

Permanent magnet motors effectively draw their energy supply from the local active vacuum of space, which sustains their magnetic flux through a continuous coherence of the ZPE of the Quantum Vacuum.  Asymmetric stator or rotor magnet configurations are typically utilized in conjunction with variable permeability materials to provide transient, non-linear fields and forces, between different magnetic field zones within the motor, permitting continuous rotation without any conventional power source. 

Motors using high efficiency electromagnets can likewise be configured to provide similar results with higher achievable power densities, well beyond their input  requirements.  Effective attenuation of back EMF and magnetic drag forces that would normally stop rotation is a critical aspect of overunity motor efficiencies. Coupled to a conventional generator, permag motors provide essentially free electricity.  Despite superficial "closed system" appearances, power from any generator, conventional or otherwise, actually comes from the energetic vacuum of space - not the turbine or other motive power unit driving it.

Directory Of Permag & Overunity Electric Motors:

Here you will find a growing list of information and links to other sites dealing with the subject of permanent magnet and overunity electric motors.   In the absence of active links just use the search terms provided.

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Development Resources:

To assist in the development and application of Permanent Magnet motors and other QVac Engineered systems and devices, a variety of consulting services can be provided.  Fees are charged on an hourly basis depending on the application and resources.  Some pro-bono work may be available for charitable humanitarian agencies, particularly applications in poverty stricken Third World nations.  Potential Investors are advised to contact the various Inventors directly.

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