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Scalar wave technologies deal with the production and utilization of longitudinal electromagnetic waves as opposed to conventional transverse waves.  As the frequency of electromagnetic waves increase, the transverse component becomes less prevalent while the longitudinal component increases.  This is the primary reason why electrical transmission losses along wires are so high at elevated frequencies - the longitudinal component is severely attenuated. 

Frequencies above cosmic radiation at 1022 Hz are generally regarded as non-herztian, longitudinal  or scalar waves without a significant transverse component.  Low frequency scalars can evidently be produced by novel electrical components designed to convert the normal transverse waveform into a predominantly longitudinal one.  Scalar waves produced by various means, appear to be a common denominator to many fields of Quantum Vacuum Engineering, including accelerated nuclear decay, gravity control, field effect propulsion, low energy induced fusion,  cold fission and so on.

Principles of Scalar Technologies:

Scalar wave electromagnetic and electronic devices typically utilize unconventional circuit configurations and electrical components to provide mutually opposing, counter acting fields, which effectively cancel the transverse mode of conventional electromagnetic waves, resulting in predominantly longitudinal waves,  which evidently propogate at superluminal velocity. 

Scalar wave generators take the form of multi-layered sandwich conductors, bifilar wound coils, mobius coils, caduceus coils and Smith coils that are used to produce the opposed transverse wave fields.  The resulting scalar fields alter the distribution of Zero-point energy in the affected space which may cause a  variety of interference phenomenon in targeted matter. 

Scalar waves cannot be shielded by conventional Faraday cages.  Scalars even penetrate the electron orbitals of the atom to affect the nucleus.   Any matter present in such a scalar field can be altered dramatically, causing reactionless forces and alterations in atomic and nuclear structure.   This is to be expected, since the fundamental "particles" of matter actually consist of energy vortices sustained by the Zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum, according to the Hydreno Atomic model and related theories.  

Two or more scalar wave generators can be utilized in Scalar Interferometry to produce precisely targeted constructive or destructive interference phenomena at a distance in a defined volume of space with beneficial or detrimental affects depending on the frequency and intensity.  Scalar Interferometry also appears capable of transducing the scalar, tempic energy of the vacuum directly into conventional transverse thermal radiations of normal 3-space.  This transduced energy can then be used to perform useful work or provide heat.

Directory Of Scalar EM Technology:

Here you will find a growing list of information and links to other sites dealing with the subject of  Scalar Electromagnetics.   In the absence of active links, just use the terms provided to conduct your own search, although some of this material may not be available on the internet as yet.

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Investors are evidently needed for the further development of most of these technologies.  A limited range of consulting services can be provided.  Refer to our services webpage for details.

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