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The reality of the continuous energetic interactions between matter and the Quantum Vacuum flux, coupled with fundamental aspects of the Hydreno atomic model, have helped to legitimize a growing list of Field Effect (Reactionless) Propulsion systems.  Reactionless propulsion systems require no material reaction medium such as the working fluid required for conventional propellers, jets or rockets or the ground contact of drive wheels.   Field effect propulsion makes things like interstellar space flight and anti-gravity a practical reality eliminating the need for expendable propellant mass to create a reaction force. 

NASA has in fact recently started to provide funding for development of various systems in hopes of eventually applying such technology to deep-space exploration.  The engineering of the inertial properties of matter based in manipulation of the vacuum flux distribution might be appropriately referred to as the new field of Inertionics.  The closely related field of Gravitonics focuses on counteracting the exisiting force of gravity by engineering the gravitational field such that levitation of a material mass is possible as exhibited by the Hutchison effect. 

Progress in the field will be greatly facilitated by redrawing the lines of distinction between the terms matter and mass, which have become hopelessly muddled in modern physics.  A massive wave of new applications can be expected within the next few decades revolutionizing transportation, space exploration, lifting equipment and numerous other opportunities yet to be imagined.

Principles of Field Effect Propulsion:

Field Effect propulsion systems create unidirectional forces without a readily evident reaction force or the need of a material reaction medium.   In reality, reactionless forces do not really exist, although the usual necessity for the material reaction medium is circumvented, giving the impression of a reactionless force.  The equal and opposite reaction of Newton, is instead provided by an asymmetric coherence of the random Zero-Point energy acting upon some material component of the propulsion system or through direct modification of the local vacuum flux so as to create a streamlining or shielding effect of the gravity (or inertial) field.  

This is possible in the realization that all forces, including gravity and inertia, fundamentally arise from a coherent flow of energy from the vacuum.  Without such a flow of energy, even so called "static" forces such as atomic bonds cannot exist.  Consequently mass proves to be neither an intrinsic nor immutable property of matter. 

In fact, it can be said that  matter has no gravitational or inertial mass at all, unless it is experiencing acceleration with respect to the quantum vacuum flux according to Newton's equation, m=F/a. Gravitational force  is consequently recognized as a radially coherent flow of ZPE around all material objects which attenuates with a 1/r2 relation.  All of this of course flies in the face of conventional dogma, including the Engineering work function (W=Fd), which was misappropriated as a fundamental scientific truth. 

In reality the work function is just a simple "closed system" engineering tool that conveniently ignores the energetic nature of space and its steady state interaction with all matter.  Field Effect propulsion can be accomplished in a myriad of ways from simple mechanical devices incorporating  non-linear, angular momentum components, to more sophisticated electrostatic devices that counteract, neutralize or streamline the energy flux of the gravitational/inertial field of the vacuum.    

Directory Of Field Effect Propulsion Systems:

Here you will eventually find a growing list of information and links to other sites dealing with the subject of Field Effect propulsion.  Many such devices already exist in various states of development.  In the absence of active links just use the terms provided to conduct your own search.

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¨    Capacitor Array Gravity Warp Drive
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¨     Reactionless Gimbal Drive (Hughes Aircraft Co.)
¨     Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster (GIT)
A range of consulting services can be made available to assist in the development of Reactionless Drives systems.  Please refer to our Services webpage for further information.

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